Finding Stories Everywhere Part 2

I love reading about long-lost ruins, abandoned buildings, and rare manuscripts discovered in dusty libraries. If that strikes a chord with you, too, you probably already know that news stories tend to be tantalizing and frustrating in equal measure.

So the rare document was found — what happened next? So someone stumbled upon an abandoned building — who lived there and why was it abandoned?

Fortunately, the frustration doesn’t last long, because you can always make up the rest of the story if you want to. Like this:

  1. Find a news item about a recent historical find that intrigues you. (It may be a short item with very few details. That’s great — more room for your imagination to move around.)
  2. Start playing around with the basic facts by asking “what if?”
  3. Stick close to the facts of the story or roam far afield — your choice!

Here are a few items that recently caught my eye. Perhaps they’ll strike a spark with you…

Screenshot 2015-10-04 14.08.37

Haunting chalkboard drawings, frozen in time for 100 years, discovered in Oklahoma school

Screenshot 2015-10-04 14.21.56

Hiker discovers abandoned town inside Tennessee’s Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Screenshot 2015-10-04 14.26.03

Paul Revere’s work found in Brown’s rare book room

Finding Stories Everywhere Part 2

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